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Stolen Bikes : Sara & Margo Adventure Series, Book 1

Stolen Bikes by Greg Drew
When bicycles go missing from their school, Sara & Margo follow up suspicious activities by trying to snare the bike thieves, but end up getting snared themselves!

Daring detective work helps sisters Sara & Margo solve the mystery and get into plenty of adventures.
High tech gadgets produced by their Dad, Henry, help them aid the local police officers. 

In this, the first book of the series, Sara and Margo, together with their friends, Anne and Daniel, use night vision and self flying drones to find and help catch a pair of thieves stealing kids' bikes in their town.

This is Nancy Drew and Enid Blyton's Famous Five, using James Bond type gadgets such as mobile phones, apps, drones, night vision and other tech tools that their technology inventor dad comes up with for his top secret clients.

Cool hardware combined with good old fashioned adventure combine to keep young readers turning the pages.


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